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An Affordable Cinematic Wedding Video? Yes, they exist!

We’re all familiar with the typical staged wedding videos, right?

I can’t stand those. *cringe*

In fact, I don’t appreciate that cookie-cutter, one-size fits all, recycled wedding videos have become the “norm” nowadays. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose if it being your special day?

I have utilized my deep need for “authenticity at any cost” to create magical visual memories of what it was REALLY like on your very special day. All of my wedding videos are different because every couple and every wedding day is unique. They range in length (5–15 minutes) and aesthetic. My shooting style is completely unstaged and I use the feel/vibe of that day to style and theme the video.

If you like the sound of that, then I’d love to shoot your wedding. For a limited time (October 2017), I’m offering my wedding videography package for $950

I hope to hear from you :).



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