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Who am I?

I'm a multi-faceted digital media specialist living in Newton, MA. I focus on storytelling through web design, picture media and copywriting. I most recently was bringing ideas to life at Viewpoint Creative where I was the post-production assistant and social media manager.


I am currently a stay at home mother who is interested in working on photography and media projects whenever I can.


I also love collaborating with organizations and individuals who want to produce clear and meaningful content. Creating authentic and engaging digital content drives me.

I call it "
storytelling with soul"


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The Boston Globe

How a save-the-date video for two BU alums went viral.

Awkward, circa 2017: When you send out a “save-the-date” wedding video that’s so charming it starts to go viral, and then you have to dodge a friend at Equinox who didn’t make the “A” invite list — and likely knows it...

I've been featured in:

Venture Development Center

Women rising on the business side of tech companies

"Women coming out of business schools, looking to advance their careers, are looking elsewhere,” according to a recent study by Catalyst about the gender divide in technology-intensive industries. Anna Beninger, the report author, says women see these testosterone-fueled tech cultures, “and they run screaming"....

The Next Somewhere

In this “Food Finds” post, I’ve invited an old college buddy of mine, Livja, to introduce a favorite family dish: Kulaç. Livja has been creating and editing such incredible videos for as long as I’ve known her and she’s a proud of her Albanian heritage.... 

What Clients Say:

“I had met Liv around a year prior to us working together. Upon meeting her, I was immediately taken back by her unique viewpoints, professionalism and overall positive attitude. When I started my own company the following year and need marketing support, she was the first person that came to mind. I can safely say that after working with Liv, my new venture has the best logo in the Boston area! I will be working with her again in the near future. 

—  Conor M. | Boston, MA

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